Far be it from me to boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ!
Galatians 6:14

2022-02-20 The Fear of Death

The Rev. Yehoshua Odidi ministered to us in the Word this past Sunday on the hope of Christians and how we should not fear death.

It’s because of the resurrection. The resurrection signifies the coming down of God’s Kingdom in its fullness and glory. It signifies the restoration of the world – not just to the former glory of Eden but to a glory that surpasses even the former. This is the land that the righteous will inherit. This is the land in which no evil or wicked will be seen.

Many enlightened scholars have spoken of religion as the opium of the masses and I agree with them. Christianity gives hope and rightly so. A hope that is not false but a hope that is certain of what is to come – A kingdom of Joy and glory, of peace and love and prosperity in soul and of the body as well.

So what are we supposed to do about those who cause evil? Luke gives us Jesus’ answer to this.

  • Be cool. And be merciful, Just as God who is your father is cool and merciful. This is what the psalmist meant in instructing for stillness before the presence of God. We are cool because we know what our end will look like. Regardless of what we face here and what other people do, we are assured of a life in which every tear is wiped clean and every suffering is extinguished and death itself is defeated and vanquished.
  • Our hope is not in this life. We do not struggle for the gains of this life as others do. We do not hold on to materialistic and whimsical issues that are an affront to the peace and tranquility God has given us. Rather, we trust in God for sustenance, guidance, and protection. And lastly, we trust His word and the resulting consequence of his act of Love – the saving grace of the God-man on the Cross. And because of what He has done for us and because of his promises to us, we do not fret in the face of evil and wickedness in this world. Rather we extend God’s mercy and grace even to those who hurt us while trusting that this mercy allows for others to see the truth and the reality of God, of this world and its futility, and to direct others toward the real-life after this one. A life that need not be feared


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