Far be it from me to boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ!
Galatians 6:14

Join Us in a Farewell Service to Father Malone

Saying goodbye can be difficult; particularly if someone has been a part of your life, family, and friend for years. This is even more challenging when that person is mentor, shepherd, and guide . . . that is a priest and pastor. 

This Sunday is Father Malone’s last Sunday as rector at Holy Cross Anglican Church. Please join us as we worship together, hear Father Malone’s farewell sermon, and receive Holy Communion from him in this final service in his capacity as rector. We pray for full healing in his life from the physical malady that has been tormenting him the past year. We also pray for God’s grace and direction in new avenues of ministry opening up to him.

We are grateful for Father Malone and the nine years he has spent at Holy Cross. It is challenging being a shepherd and pastoring a flock. It takes a lot of sacrifice of time, emotions, energy, and finances. Over the years we have cried, laughed, learned from, prayed with, and fellowshipped with this man who has dedicated his life to ministry. We will miss him in many ways. I particularly will miss his expository preaching as that is what first drew me to Holy Cross when I was looking for an Anglican church over three years ago. 

We are collecting a special offering gift to give Father Malone this Sunday to show him our love and appreciation for his years of service to us. Please contact Helene Parker, the Senior Warden, at helene.v.parker@outlook.com or +1.‭414.379.5693‬ if you would like to contribute to this special collection before Sunday. We want to show the whole Malone family our love. In this context, we acknowledge Meghan Malone for her years of service in music ministry as well and will be presenting her a gift as well if you would like to contribute.

There will be a luncheon following the service of lasagna, salad, bread, and cake! Please join us for this farewell service as a celebration of Father Malone’s years of ministry at Holy Cross. I encourage everyone – current congregation, former attendees, and even visitors that have never come – to join us and show our love and support to the entire Malone family, but to Father Malone particularly for being our shepherd and his sacrifice in love and service over the years to us sheep at Holy Cross.

Let us also look to the future . . .

It is a time of transition and change. With Father Malone leaving we have initiated a church replant into the Third Ward of Milwaukee starting January 9th. January 2nd will be our last service in Brookfield at Calvary Lutheran Church. Starting the 9th we will be meeting on the 2nd floor of the Historic Pritzlaff Building at 10:00 a.m. (313 North Plankinton Avenue). The first Sunday will be our kick-off and there will be a Green Bay Packer watch party after the service with chili, hot dogs, and cake. There are a lot of people praying and waiting for an Anglican Church in the city of Milwaukee and we are now approaching 20 new people that have stated they will be there when it starts. Rev. Odidi will be administering Holy Communion for us as our regular assisting priest as we replant Holy Cross Anglican Church into the heart of Milwaukee . . . 

Prayer Request – we have a great setup for the church replant into Third Ward Milwaukee, great location, lots of interest from new people . . . however we have one big need, that is music ministry. Please pray that God will lead someone to step up for regular music ministry as we move forward with this new strategy and location.


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